Plague Rats are a very special cat toy hand-made by a small family team with love and a sense of humour.  Our ratsies are made in strong natural linen, with chewy leather ears, a swishy woollen tail and a good helping of extra strong catnip and valerian root to drive your cat wild with delight.


In 2015 (available from May onwards) they were joined by the Stinky Shark. The same extra strong herbs your cat adores, this time in a strong cotton body with lovely chewy flappy leather fin and tail.

stinky shark

Our promise to you: We’ll only ever sell you toys that we’d be happy for our own cats to play with. We try very hard to get every order right for you, but if anything does go wrong, we’ll put it right cheerfully and without fuss. We choose our materials as sustainably as we can and try to be nice people to deal with.