Plague Rats- no ordinary cat toy

Plague Rats & Stinky Sharks are handmade in Britain by a small family team using top quality ingredients.
Our fabric, wool and leather toys are stuffed with a potent blend of catnip and valerian root to delight your cat.

Quality control is provided at every step of the process by specially trained cats Tesla & Koru, who carefully sniff-test each batch to make sure
your ratsies arrive extra specially stinky, just the way your cats like them.
Rat pedlar image

You can find us on Facebook, or email us at
We are in the process of overhauling this website, more pages coming soon.
IMPORTANT NOTE: We are currently dealing with some family health issues.
If you find the shop shut, please bear with us and check back in a week or so, its likely just a temporary pause whilst we catch up. Thanks for your patience!

If you prefer, you can also buy ratsies via our other website at

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